Wasabi Mint Magnesium Bomb

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The benefits of magnesium and sulphur are well recorded, as is the efficiency of soaking in a warm bath full of these essential minerals.  Our bath salts are great ways to absorb both minerals, but sometimes we want something a bit more decadent and dramatic.  For that we need our Magnesium bombs.  Most bath bombs can not contain enough magnesium to make a difference in the bath.  Magnesium chloride and epsom salts draw moisture from the air, so adding sufficient amounts to a bath bomb to improve your well being will make it wet, activated and crumbly.  These two ingredients added to your standard bath bomb is more about label appeal than improving your levels.

Our Magnesium bombs are a special design that is hollow in the centre.  This allows us to add significant volumes of our salts; enough to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin and actually improve overall well being.  Each bomb includes a tablespoon of magnesium chloride, epsom salts and half a tablespoon of sulphur (MSM).  This will provide a wonderful, nourishing bath with all the skin-softening and moisturising benefits our bath bombs usually provide.  

A true spa experience in the luxury of your own home. 

Ingredients:  Bicarbonate Soda; Citric Acid; Creme of Tartar; SLSA; Shea Butter; Magnesium Chloride; Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM); Epsom Salts; Kaolin Clay; Sweet Almond Oil; Fragrance Oil; Polysorbate 80; Water-soluble Dye CL42090; Mica (Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, Iron Oxide).

360 grams.