Summer Solstice Tea

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This ruby red tea is the perfect refreshing drink on a warm summer day. Not only does it relieve you from the summer heat it also is full of antioxidants and is anti inflammatory, this cooling tea will improve blood pressure as well as circulatory issues. We recommend you use one teaspoon of the tea with 200ml of hot water and let it steep for 2-3 minutes, for an ice tea steep 2 teaspoons of the tea 3-5 minutes in boiling water, you can sweeten it with honey or enjoy the tart refreshing drink. Place in the fridge overnight to draw the flavours out, serve with ice and fresh berries.

Ingredients:  Hibiscus flowers, Rosehip granules, whole goji berries, Juniper berries, Rooibos

50 gram bag of loose tea leaves

WARNING: This product isn't intended to treat, cure or prevent any illnesses. Always consult a healthcare professional before consuming any herbal products especially if you're pregnant or taking medication.