Shower Fizzer - Citrus Burst

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These fragrance packed fizzes are designed to be put on the floor of the shower while you are showering. As you don't sit in them, they are more intensely fragranced than any of our bath products. Place a cube or a part of the cube on the shower floor, just outside of where the water jets will hit. As the water comes in contact with the fizz, it will react, start to dissolve and release fabulous fragrance oils.

There are two to a pack, both around 50 grams each.

Do not use in a bath as the oils in the Shower Fizzer are stronger than the level suitable for sitting in. Burning or tingling may occur.

Ingredients are: Baking Soda; Citric Acid; Corn Flour; Menthol Crystals, Essential & Fragrance Oils; Rubbing Alcohol; Mica. 
Contains Citrus and Mint