Conditioning Bar - Fine Hair

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Use a natural, plastic bottle free alternative to condition your hair. Up to 60 washes per bar. When using natural products, you break the sulphate strip, silicon rebuild cycle that you get into with commercial products and your hair and scalp will settle into a more natural routine. Many people find that they do not need to wash and/or condition their hair as regularly, but let your hair tell you what it needs.

To use. Wash your hair as normal. While the hair is wet, lightly swipe the bar gently on the ends of your hair, up to the scalp. Do not rub into the scalp. It is better to do two light swipes than one overly heavy one. Massage the conditioner into the hair from end tip to scalp. If your hair feels limp, heavy or greasy, you are using too much. Place the bar somewhere it will dry out between uses to ensure the longevity of the bar. Use as required.

Ingredients: BTMS-50; Cetyl Alcohol; Cocoa Butter; Sweet Almond Oil; Grapeseed Oil; Candelilla Wax; Panthenol; Hydrolyzed Wheat; Liquid Germall Plus; Lemongrass and Tea Tree Essential Oil
60 gram bars.